Latest News:  JBsg Daulökke's Galista Gugaloo  ÖCFB-Klubwinner 2017!

I am happy the specialist judge Chantal van Raamsdonk recognized the quality of our danish girl.

6.4.2017 Our male Maxim is proud daddy of 7 puppies from A'Vigdors Tullia  in the kennel "vom Pöllauberg" owned by Mr. Greimel

7.4.2017 Enzo became daddy of 4 males in the kennel "of Little Royals" from Barbara Skof.

6.3.2017 Enzo became proud daddy from 4 puppies in the kennel "Bully DeLuxe" from Family Reisinger.


our brasilian girl

SM Cherokee Frenchies Olivia for Ovilava arrived.

dad: Asia Bull's Ace

mom: Dicar I'm Faberge