OUR MALES-unsere Rüden

AJCH, ACh, JBSg 2012 A'Vigdor's Embassador Enzo d'Ovilava

MCh Honore de Tameran X Ch A'Vigdors Agiotage, dob 31.5.2010

Pedigree: http://ingrus.net/frbull/en/details.php?id=19714

His offspring

HJCh, HCh Fréderic Chopin d'Ovilava

owned and loved by Ference Gröschl

PHCh Francois le General d'Ovilava

owned and loved by Jackson Chen

AJCH, ACh, HCh, AClubwinner 2015 Excelsior Maxim d'Ovilava

MCh Guerlain de la Parure X MCh A'Vigdors Amourette, d.o.b. 24.8.012




his offspring

Heagrid le Magnifique d'Ovilava befindet sich im Besitz von Barbara Skof.

Masterpiece vom Palais Hetzendorf owned by Nadine Zapula